Lower your healthcare costs and improve your employees’ health risk profile

Centennial’s approach of consulting around wellness allows you to find and implement the solution that meets your objectives.

Traditional Wellness Programs

Coordinating biometric screenings, health assessments and coaching and applying the results to an incentive structure has been highly successful for many employers in improving the health risk profile of their organizations. We help develop a custom strategy that is designed with a focus on your unique culture to help you recruit, retain and develop top talent.

Lead2Health: A Better Approach to Healthcare

Lead2Health offers a comprehensive care coordination and navigation solution to mid-market (100 to 1,000) employers, different from anything you’ve seen before in the mid-market. Borrowing a time-tested and financially-proven approach utilized by Fortune 1000 companies, Lead2Health brings together outstanding vendors in the industry to deliver a program that offers the best care at the best price.

Healthier employees mean fewer injuries and illness-related absences, lower stress levels and fewer claims on your health insurance plan.

Our solutions make it easy to engage your workforce and implement a program that works.